Security Token Alliance


Navigating the Security Token Revolution

What We Do

The Security Token Alliance brings together diverse organizations working in the security tokens industry — creating an ecosystem to bring tokenized securities to mass adoption faster and with higher quality than could be done by various entities acting in relative isolation.

How Are Partners Selected?

We welcome the participation of those projects that are sincere in their aim and goal to democratize finance. Projects are selected on various criteria, including team, progress, brand image, community size (if applicable), funding, and so on.

Why We Do It

Security Tokens are potentially a $10 trillion industry. We are still in the nascence of this movement, due to a lack of clarity among stakeholders, including lawyers, compliance officers, advisors, and even developers. We need collaboration and integration to move forward.

Who is Behind STA?

The Security Token Alliance was founded by Frederik Bussler. We are filling governing member positions. Governing members join one of three committees: Donation and Investment Committee; Project Committee; or Membership and Partnership Committee.


What Members Are Saying

STA is the world’s largest think-tank for the security token industry. It’s always exciting to be part of an important and needed world venture. We treat it as a great honour, but also a very demanding challenge… Initiatives such as STA will help to build an appropriate “brand” for this technology.

Jakub Putyło

Business Development Manager, Concise Software

STA is a great initiative to bring together industry professionals that have a common vision, to be part of establishing a professional standards industry body… Collaboration and learning is at the core of wanting to be part of joining STA.

Anthony Vippond

CEO, Lotus Energy

There is a huge need for an initiative such as this, and we have been on the lookout for it. The industry is extremely fragmented and riddled with uncertainty. There is an enormous need for education of the market which we can all work together on.

Claus Skaaning

CEO, DigiShares

Joining STA will provide us with an opportunity to combine our expertise with that of other organizations to the security token ecosystem. We find that members of STA possess the same vision and mission in fostering security token and tokenization adoption.

Iliya Zaki

Head of Business Development, Moonwhale Ventures

We are excited to be joining the STA because it brings stakeholders and experts together to move the industry forward. As members of the STA, we hope to connect with key players in the space and receive insights into the future development of Security Tokens.

Chris Grundy

Head of Marketing, KYC-Chain

Securitized Token Offerings are a bold invention that could disrupt capital markets and bring massive liquidity, several times the size of the current markets. To my mind, STA Foundation is one such forum that aims to build an eco-system, bringing together diverse players committed to making Securitized Token Offerings a success.

Anuraj Soni

President, Magic FinServ

The Chaineum group is excited to join STA because we share the vision of the creation of good practices and promotion of the entire blockchain and crypto ecosystem… We are well placed in order to represent the STA in the different markets we are in.


Partner, Chaineum

STA looks to bring a lot of value to the Japan STO market. There are a lot of misconceptions and lack of education in the industry still going on, and it’s really up to our community to educate internally and externally to help push this industry forward into mass adoption.

J.D. Salbego

CEO, Legion Ventures

The benefit we see of the STA global alliance is the assistance to bridge partner strengths to help alliance members. The mission of STO Search & Filter highly aligns with those of the STA of creating an ecosystem to bring tokenized securities to mass adoption faster and with higher quality.

Sam Choksi

CEO & Founder, STO Search & Filter


Governing Members

Frederik Bussler

Frederik Bussler


Frederik Bussler is the Founder of the Security Token Alliance and CEO of bitgrit, a community-based AI platform that connects data scientists directly to industry problem statements.

Bussler is also Due Dilligence & Projects Scoring Advisor for SHORTEX cryptoexchange and advisor for Klimazone. Before leading bitgrit, he founded Smart Contract Auditing, co-founded EinFarm, worked as Chief Data Officer for HealthDex, advised Agro Stock Exchange, and worked as an investment analyst at Maven 11 Capital. As a public speaker, he’s presented for audiences including IBM, Nikkei, and Slush Tokyo.

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